DUSTYRibs - We're Social

We (and by "we," obviously we mean Caitlin) want to be able to reach each one of you wherever you typically go! For your convenience, we're on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! To follow us, just click on the icons above or at the bottom! We would love to have you join us! If you're familiar with these platforms, you pretty much know what to expect, but in case you've been wondering about any of them or thinking of jumping in with both feet, here's a basic rundown for your convenience!

If you love reading blogs but despise having to remember all the web addresses and/or having to keep up with when a new post hits the interwebs, you should join Bloglovin! All you do is make your account, add (or "find" as they say) your favorite sites, and you will have one singular running feed! So easy! The best part is you will never miss a post from your faves and you put in very minimal effort to get it up and running. Added bonus? If you blog, you can add your blog to Bloglovin, claim it as yours, and then others can easily follow you! Win-Win!
I hope I don't have to say too much about this one! Haha! What started as an avenue of connecting with old and current friends has become a great platform to follow your favorite blogs! We figure that you're on there anyways, so why not meet you where you're living on your phone or computer! Just follow or like our page, and you'll see our posts! Plus, this method is super easy if you feel like commenting, which we encourage, by the way!
I love Insta! What an awesome online photo album - I love posting pictures of us and our little one on there! They have fairly advanced photo editing options that are actually easy to use! I've been trying to do a better job at remembering to post a photo graphic on Insta when a new post hits! Please give me grace on this one, y'all!
Yes, I do have a Twitter. No, I don't use it very often. I haven't had the heart to delete it quite yet, but honestly, I have so little free time with my stage 4 clinger baby that what time I do have I don't spend on Twitter!
Oh, the people who made you are genius level, for sure! I adore Pinterest! It's basically an online inspiration board and the BEST part is that you can download the Pinterest browser button and then you NEVER have to remember a website URL again! Just pin it to the appropriate board, and Pinterest links it up for you! We have a great amount of Pinspiration for you and we would love for you to follow us there! Not only are our posts in a board on Pinterest, but you can find all sorts of other goodies like home design, DIY projects, encouragement, and more!