Monday, August 10, 2015

Where Have We Been?

Okay, first of all, I'm so sorry for the lag in posts lately. Life has been more than crazy for the past month and we are just now settling back in to our "normal" routines! That's summer for you!

Second, our baby is ONE, y'all! How did that happen? Where has the time gone and who has stolen my tiny baby and replaced him with a larger baby who is walking around and determined to discover every form of danger that there is in the world?!?! (Mothers of little boy new walkers, can I get a witness?) More on this topic, later! I promise!

So, besides my personal goals being at an all time low in my life (just solely to keep my child alive and well every day), we have been rushing around like crazy in the glorious days that are summer! We were so blessed to be able to save the money for our first-ever two-week vacation this year. Last year, we went for one week with both of our families at the same time, and we had fun. 

Here we are with Ross's family last year (note my midsection)!

Here we are with my family last year!

We wanted to try a different approach this year to see how that would work, so we did the first week with my family and the second week with Ross's family, all at the same beach! Ross and I definitely felt it was a little easier to relax and there were certainly less coordination of plans, so that was great! Oh, and I wasn't 35 weeks pregnant in the middle of July where swelling and Braxton Hicks contractions were my constant accessories, so there's that. ;)

Here are some photos of our vacation this year, and it was so incredibly special being able to experience our baby going to the beach for the first time! He LOVED playing in the sand, and he definitely had no fear of the water or the waves!

Of course, lots of walks on the beach had to happen! The water felt amazing!
Umm, who doesn't indulge in Krispy Kreme while on vacation?
There were lots of precious naps, both in the beach house....

...and on the beach under our canopy!
There were luckily only a couple of ridiculous beach storms! Scary right?!?!
Ice cream, because, duh.
Lots of family fun!
EPIC paddleball tournaments on the beach that may or may not have included team color coordination and all of us being super attractive (note the sarcasm on the last part - we're all nuts).
GOOD eats from the local restaurants....hello, seafood salad. Come to mama!
An awesome men's fishing trip for Ross and my two brothers-in-law...

...which ended up as a scrumptious meal for the rest of us! Nom nom nom! (I was so proud of them!)
There were TONS of huge, full-face smiles!
And of course, family photo ops!

God's perfect design that we call beaches = the good stuff!

There was some flying!

Lots of digging and playing!

There was a little shopping!

There was also an awesome seafood boil that we did ourselves at the beach house. (BEFORE)
Clearly, we all hated it. (AFTER)

There was tons of sweet cousin time, both on the beach and inside the house.

The bottom line? Wow, we are so blessed! What an amazing, crazy, memory-filled summer we've had this year! To God be all the glory, always!

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