Saturday, June 27, 2015


All I can really say is, "Wow."  And, "Thank you."

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Yesterday was a huge day in our country, and just like anytime something as big as yesterday's event happens, the day started with division. That division is what led to my last post, which was probably one of the most controversial I've ever chosen to write. Naturally, that made me the most nervous I'd ever been to hit "Publish" and send my inner thoughts out into the universe.

But, if you've followed me for any amount of time, I've made no secret of sharing my faith, nor have I kept hidden how incredibly blessed I am, and yesterday continued to prove me right in that last assessment. I was blown away (and continue to be so) by the response to my post yesterday on Practicing Love. First, I was just shocked, to be blunt about traffic numbers literally made my jaw drop and it both thrilled and terrified me. I found myself waiting for someone to take the opportunity to light me up on social media. That was, after all, the type of behavior that sparked my nagging feeling to post my perspective in the first place.

From 12:29pm when the post went live, I waited for that other shoe to drop. I pondered how bad the fallout would be. I wondered how many "friends" I was going to lose. I prayed for peace and that God could somehow use me and my words, even if in the tiniest way, to remind people that in order for love to actually win, work was still to be done.

And you know what? He did! Rest assured that I already thanked Him by the time you're reading these words so now I find it absolutely necessary to thank each and every one of you!

Thank you for visiting my site, first and foremost. Thank you for your open minds and open, hungry hearts. Thank you for reading my post - I know it wasn't short and it took some of your precious, valuable time (on a Friday, no less!) - thank you! Thank you for liking my post on various social media platforms. Thank you for sharing it with your friends and families. Thank you for humbling me yet again with your respect and your kindness. Thank you for giving my perspective a chance. Thank you for the comments that honestly fed my soul and I'm sure impacted others, as well. Thank you for being the example, no matter your stance or position. Thank you for doing the hard work that it's going to take to spread the love when it seems our first gut reaction is to take a darker path. Thank you for restoring people's faith in humanity (trust me, I received that in feedback). Thank you for being you - this world would be far less good without you in it. I feel like if this were my award recipient's speech, I would be failing miserably and leaving multiple thanks out, which distresses me a bit.

So, in a trendy little nutshell, thanks for all the things.

I love y'all. For serious.

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  1. I think we need more commentary that is caring and humbling about an issue instead being harsh or brash!! I respect the thought and care about addressing this sensitive topic!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty