Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

As I mentioned in the last post, springtime gives me cabin fever, or the insane desire to do home projects! It's not too difficult for me to admit that I am far from a landscape professional. I don't know the formal names of trees, plants, or flowers, and I have little-to-no clue about what goes where. What I do know, however, is what looks good to me and when you couple that with my crazy obsessive desire to research everything, that makes it fairly easy to figure out what I like!  So, what have I discovered that I like?

You want to talk about a smell that will draw in anyone?  Then, you want to talk about First Crush roses!  My handsome husband, precious baby, and I made a trip to Lowe's and felt like a) we hit the jackpot and also b) we were now a part of a super crazy garden festival of some sort.  Plants and people were EVERYWHERE!  But, we got what we were looking for - and First Crush roses made the cut!

I'd been wanting to plant some sort of flowering bush, and I couldn't decide between roses and hydrangeas. Luckily, the smell of these made our decision for us! Lowe's had two colors - a medium pink and then the ones we chose, which are mostly cream with a touch of blush! Gorgeous!

In our marriage, I am primarily the dreamer, and my extremely hardworking husband is primarily the  muscles and execution!  This is one perfect example of how we balance each other out and I am so grateful to have him to do life with!

He got our rosebush planted in the perfect spot - not too close to the cars or the door (so hopefully the bees can have their own region to live in - HA!), but close enough where I can still smell them and enjoy them!

We didn't stop there, though, because Lowe's also just happened to have the exact brand of tree I had picked out!  Our lot is basically a flat rectangle, and I felt that some trees on the right side of our home might add beauty, privacy, and some shade!  After researching what was HARD to kill/mess up, required little to no maintenance, and of course, what would be gorgeous, I'd decided I had to have Cleveland Pear Trees!

Leave it to my handyman to get them in the perfect spots - they look amazing!  They're supposed to be fast-growing, which I read meant about five feet per year!  When they're full grown, they'll be 15-20' wide and 30' high and I think they'll be glorious!  I can imagine our sweet boy playing around these trees when he gets bigger!

We also planted some perennials around our mailbox. The design-junkie in me loathes the bricks I used as a perimeter, but the thrifty/frugal/practical side of me can overlook it because those bricks were free, y'all. What can I say? Mama loves a bargain!

Has spring sprung at your house? If First Crush roses and other spring things get you pumped up, I'd love to hear from you!

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