Monday, April 20, 2015

Front Door Facelift

I don't know about all of you, but I happen to love almost everything about the fabulous season of spring! The birds come alive with song after resting their voices all winter, the grass and trees burst into glorious shades of green, the sun shines brighter, the days are longer, I could go on and on!

Apart from the miserable allergies that take me down every.single.spring (I'm not bitter), it is a pretty awesome season and I find that a little sunshine really does a body (and a mama) good.  One thing that probably drives my husband crazy is that I get a little cabin fever every year around this time.  For me, though, it's not to get out of the house to go places, even though that is also a blast.  Cabin fever in the springtime for me equals HOME PROJECTS! {Cue the HGTV and Better Homes & Gardens choirs of angels singing.}

Last year, I got super festive and decided to paint our boring and ordinary brown front door. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a good brown here and there. Fun fact about me:  my favorite M&M is the brown one because I feel like it's everyone else's least favorite. I have a soft spot for all those who are picked last for the team.

Back to the door, though. As I said, there's nothing wrong with a good brown here and there, but when your house is tan and your door and shutters are dark brown, I think it sends a drab message. (Doesn't my poor house look so sad?) Plus, in driving around my neighborhood, the sassiest door in the bunch is a red so dark it could be mistaken for brown. That is just not for me, and I decided to change my world!

BAM! Enter "Clay Pot" by Olympus orange and along with it comes sass, bliss, and a whole lot of personality in one fell swoop! Now THAT is how you welcome someone to the happiest house in the neighborhood!

I also gave our bistro set an upgrade, since the sun had so drastically faded the vibrant green they once were. We used to keep this set on the back deck, but the sun is brutal back there, and our front porch is pretty narrow, so your seating options are pretty limited.  I found some awesome outdoor fabric paint that was crazy close to the front door's shade of orange, so I painted and prayed, and it all came together! Glory to God, I didn't completely wreck the front of our home!

I have gotten so many compliments on both the original color choice and how happy this simple update made our home look, and it means a lot to me that others were affected by this front door facelift.  Hospitality is one of the spiritual gifts God gave me an abundance of, and the "before" brown didn't welcome people in to me. Hopefully, now, when people see our entry way, they think to themselves, "I bet those people are fun." Granted, they may replace fun with crazy, but I'll take it over drab and predictable any day!

If you've gotten the itch to give your front door a facelift, what colors have you been dreaming of?

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