Monday, April 27, 2015

Brownies: From Hot Mess To HOT-NESS!

We've all been there.  It's a random, quiet evening at home with the family and then it happens.

The desire for brownies.

There's the internal battle weighing whether it's really worth your time and effort, and as an added health-conscious bonus, you throw out, "it's not like we really needed those brownies, anyways."  Then, your husband points out that your oven is already hot from the delicious dinner you just made and that it would only take him 15 minutes round trip to go pick up some scrumptious vanilla ice cream, which is sure to compliment the brownies that will be well on their way to done by the time he gets back home.

So it's settled then.  Brownies, indeed!

If you're a perfectionist/slightly and weirdly OCD like me, there is one aspect of baking brownies that gets you every time.  When you have done the manual labor, you pull your pan out of the oven and your senses are overwhelmed by the chocolate-y goodness that is now filling your home with joy....until you realize that the appropriate amount of time has passed and they must now be cut.

{Insert deflating balloon visual and sound here. Womp womp.}

I have failed miserably at cutting my brownies, not just once, but every time. I feel like you've also been there, so I'll ask the question - can I get a witness? {Insert resounding "AMENS!"}

What do you end up with?  All kinds of brownie on your butter knife and no glory at all.  Well as of Saturday night, I say, "NO MORE, FRIENDS! NO MORE!"  I now present to you:

Brownies: From Hot Mess To HOT-NESS!  "But, how," you ask?  With one of these ridiculously economically-priced pan scrapers!

I'm pretty sure I registered for this puppy at Bed, Bath, & Beyond back when Ross and I got married, and someone so graciously gifted it to me!  I then put it in my handy drawer organizer when we moved into our home and completely forgot about it.


You literally just score the brownies, and for some glorious reason, that is all that stuck to the sucker! And if you check out the graphic posted above, my lines and spacing have never been more perfect! I'm pretty sure angels were singing as I performed this tiny earthly miracle!  I may or may not have shed a tear! (Just kidding! Or am I?)

Why, yes, my husband did taste-test these without my knowledge.

Then, they're ready to place in your favorite container.  Mine happens to feature the cutest dogs on the planet, aka ours!  Shoutout to CiCi and MuChi!

The last step in baking the perfect brownies, making the perfect dinner, or doing anything else of value in our home if you're me is strapping your very favorite sidekick to the front of you:


Do you have any awesome tips to share with me? I'm ready for my mind to be blown again!

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